Experienced, Friendly & Competent Dentistry

Healthy teeth naturally look more attractive. When seeking a Rockford Cosmetic Dentistry office, it makes sense to consider a visit to Dr. Susan P. Anderson. Her Roscoe, IL location at 5412 Bridge Street is an easy drive from Rockford and other communities in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Her gentle professional approach lets patients know what is available and then helps them make informed decisions. Bleaching or tooth whitening, crowns and veneers are all available at Dr. Anderson’s. “We don’t push people into unnecessary procedures,” she said. We help them decide if the treatment is necessary.

Finances sometimes dictate whether someone plans to go ahead with cosmetic work or even general dentistry such as cleaning and treatment. Dr. Anderson and her office staff will work with all insurance programs.

This Rockford Cosmetic Dentistry team also accepts patients who have no insurance. “We offer CareCredit to help people finance their dental work,” she says. If anyone doubts whether he or she can afford to visit Dr. Anderson, the doctor urges them to call the office at 815-623-1900. “We work with you,” she says.

The CareCredit program helps consumers manage their out-of-pocket healthcare costs. As an enrolled provider, Dr. Anderson can pass along information on this program to her patients. She and her staff will explain how the financing program works and which payment options are offered through her office.

There is no need to postpone Rockford Cosmetic Dentistry or regular visits for healthy teeth with the financing options available. Whether someone wants whiter teeth or simply a healthier smile, getting the proper work done at the right time is an easy matter with Dr. Anderson and her team available to talk over both the dental and the financial sides.

In Rockford Cosmetic Dentistry is readily available from Dr. Susan P. Anderson and her team at their Roscoe office. There is no need for long drives or postponements due to financial concerns with help so near at hand. The no-pressure team led by Dr. Anderson stands ready, willing and able to help.