Experienced, Friendly & Competent Dentistry

Families looking for a dentist in Roscoe Village turn to Susan P. Anderson, D.D.S. Located at 5412 Bridge Street, Dr. Anderson’s office is readily accessible to patients throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. She designed and built the offices in 2006. Its attractive red brick façade is easy to reach just east of Highway 251 (North 2nd Street).

Inside the busy building there is a sense of calm as Dr. Anderson and her well-trained staff do what they do best: provide expert, gentle dental care. They work with patients of all ages. Kids, parents and grandparents trust them to do excellent work.

Being a dentist in Roscoe Village suits Dr. Anderson. Originally from Florida, she did her dental training in New York. She and her family have long called the Midwest home. Dr. Anderson’s husband is Dr. Gregory Granzeier, DO, a very well known and respected Obsterician and Gynecologist in Rockford.

She uses her own experiences as a mother along with a big dose of natural empathy to help put people at ease. Whether the patients are youngsters seeing a dentist for the first time or adults with leftover fears of dentistry from experiences elsewhere, Dr. Anderson helps them relax and feel comfortable under her care.

She understands that too many people feel scared about going to see see a dentist. This dentist in Roscoe Village and her staff make patient care and comfort level their top priorities.

“People want to have control.” “Just knowing that you have some control over what happens can help you feel more confident and more relaxed,” she says. She and her team check continuously to make sure patients are comfortable. She encourages to raise their hand if they need to “take a break” or have a question.

They also do everything they can to make the experience fun for the younger patients. They give out prizes after the sessions through, and Dr. Anderson makes rubber glove balloons for the kids while discussing how school is going and what new things are going on their lives. Since the dentist in Roscoe Village gets to know whole families, she sees generations grow up.

Dr. Anderson and the staff have watched as the children they treated a decade ago go off to college, get married and become professionals themselves.

When searching for expert dental care, consider Dr. Anderson, the dentist in Roscoe Village who inspires long-time patient loyalty.