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What are dental implants? Dental implants are prostatic devices that create an artificial root for extracted teeth to support the crowns or bridges that replace them. The post for the implants, often made of metal such as titanium, are fitted with natural looking artificial teeth to look and feel much like the originals, while stopping or preventing bone loss.

Benefits of dental implants: Unlike dentures that cover the roof or floor of the mouth, a dental implant fits in the area where the original tooth once was. They look and feel like natural teeth, which makes most people feel good about their appearance. Implants also help preserve your natural facial structure and do not lead to the bone loss that often occurs when patients have dentures to replace natural teeth. Most importantly, they allow you to taste food in a way that dentures cannot.

Ideal candidates for implants: Implants are a solution if you have lost teeth due to decay, the failure of root canal, peritonitis (gum disease), accidents and other injuries to the teeth, excessive wear and tear or congenital defects. Unfortunately, you may not be a candidate for any implant. If you have serious bone loss, gum disease, chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, or are a smoker or addicted to alcohol.


What are implants?
Dental implants are artificial teeth, which include a 2D fixture placed in the jaw that supports the crown.

Why consider implants?
Implants offer the look and feel of natural teeth, while preventing harmful bone loss.

Is everyone a good candidate for any implant?
The implant process may not work for you if your jaw will not support any implant or if you have certain medical conditions.

Alternatives to surgery:
The traditional approach to tooth replacement includes dentures or crowns and bridges supported by other teeth. For patients who find dental implants cost prohibitive, or who are not good candidates, customary methods provide an effective solution.