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Experienced, Friendly & Competent Dentistry

For people looking for a dentist in Rockton or Roscoe, Dr. Susan P. Anderson and her caring team can provide high quality professional service at a nearby location. The red brick building with its white pillars is easy to reach at its Roscoe location of 5412 Bridge Street just off of North Second Street. That is only a five minute drive from downtown Rockton.

Residents from throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin have been happy to make this dentist in Rockton a member of their family’s care team. Dr. Anderson has been providing expert dentistry to families at her present location since 2004.

People of all ages, from kids to parents to grandparents, come to sit in her chair. It is a comfortable place since Dr. Anderson and her staff do all they can to make their patients feel confident, calm and relaxed.

Fear of the unknown and lack of control are two reasons this experienced dentist cites for why people may not be getting regular check ups by a dentist in Rockton to a top ten list of how they would like to spend some time.

The calmness and patience they exude helps children and adults settle back and get their teeth into healthy condition.

The Anderson team has a special way with children, encouraging the parents to be present during the exam so the kids have someone they know near at hand for reassurance. “Normally a child is more comfortable and parents feel better too since nobody will know their child the way they do,” Dr. Anderson says.

Her best advice for families seeking a competent dentist in Rockton is to set good examples at home so the kids grow up knowing how to take care of their teeth. “Get them started early coming to the dentist before they develop any fears,” she says.
For quality care in a soothing atmosphere, this dentist in Rockton provides the best at a convenient location close to home.